RENK Bearing type EM

Bearing Housing
The finned EM-type housings are made from a high-quality cast iron (EN-GJL-300) and are designed for heavy duty performance. Other materials such as, for instance, nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400-15 or cast steel GS 45 can be supplied by special arrangement. Tapped holes for thermometer, oil inlet and outlet, oil sight glass, thermometer in the oil sump or suction line of a circulating pump are available on either side. For special cases (e. g. fitting of oil coolers or vibration detectors) finish
machined housings are taken from stock and provided with additional connection
Bearing Shell
The shells are spherically seated in the housing. They consist of a supporting steel body lined with lead based RENKmetal therm V6 or therm 89. Both design and manufacture are in accordance with the highest standards required in heavy engineering: troublefree assembly and long life even under severe operating conditions.

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Journal range 80-355mm               Journal range 300-560mm