About Us

Deanquip Powertrans Hydraulics & Tools Pty Ltd is a leading Australian and Pacific Region supplier of power transmission and hydraulic components. We are a prime importer and wholesale distributor.
We are a 'one stop to shop' supplier in the power transmission and hydraulics industries, servicing both the day-to-day competitively priced market with appropriate brands, such as OMT from Italy, and the high reliability market that services Australia's and New Zealand's manufacturing industry and original equipment manufacturers with our exclusive German-made product.
Prime brands:
We represent, stock, select and distribute the quality KTR (a German company) brands of Rotex®, Rotex® GS , BoWex®, BoWex-Elastic®, BoWex® FLE-PA, Monolastic®, Poly, Poly-Norm®, Toolflex®, Radex®, Lamex®, Rigiflex®, Minex®, Tyre, and Cone Ring drive couplings, Ruflex® torque limiters, Syntex® overload systems, Clampex® shaft-hub connectors, Dataflex® torque measuring shafts, Precision Joints and KTR hydraulic components such as bellhousings, foot flanges, damping elements, oil coolers, oil tanks and temperature control and monitor devices.
We represent the RENK (a German company) products of marine and industrial gearboxes, white metal slide (plain) bearings for large motors and high speed equipment etc, curved tooth gear couplings, Hyguard® overload safety couplings, Elco compression sleeve couplings, Raflex® diaphragm couplings, and, all types of dynamic test rigs, including testing for pistons, drive and cardan shafts, brakes, clutch plates, couplings, rear axles, vehicle power packs and transmissions, vehicle emissions etc.


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