Product characteristics
• Overload system up to 8.200 Nm   
• Available in ratchet, synchronous and failsafe design   
• Also available as disconnecting design (load disconnecting)
• Suitable for mounting customer parts directly
For exact dimensioning torque limiters latest simulation and calculation programmes are available. Therefore let us know many data of your drive. The more precise these data are, the more precise are the results of calculation. Make use of this possibility and discuss with us the application in advance.
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Ratchet design DK
Any engagement after an overload.
After eliminating the overload, the balls automatically engage in the next indentation. 
Synchronous design SR
Synchronous engagement after an overload.
After eliminating the overload the rollers automatically engage after a rotation of 360°. Driving and driven side are always placed in the same position to each other. Other degrees of engagement, e. g. 180°, are also possible.
Fail-safe design SGR
The fail-safe design is a pure torque measurement without any ratchet operation.
In case of overload a signal is given by the limit switch, producing a mechanical separation of driving and driven side = disengagement is not possible.