ROTEX® S-H with SPLIT-hubs

Product characteristics
• Shaft coupling for torque transmission and damping of torsional vibrations
• Easy assembly/disassembly by means of 4-off screws
• Centering of both halves of the hubs through the fracture 
• There is no need to displace the power packs for assembly
• Material cast iron
• Torsionally flexible and maintenance-free
• Specifically suitable for tight mounting spaces
• Finish bore according to ISO tolerance H7, feather key according to DIN 6885 sheet 1 (JS9)
• Approved according to EC standard 94/9/EC (type 7.0 SPLIT-hub without feather key according to category 3)

Description of coupling 
With this new coupling series the hubs of conventional ROTEX® jaw couplings are produced, as usual, as parts 
made of cast iron. However, they are mechanically separated by cracking afterwards and screwed together again 
during the assembly. Anyway, it has to be observed that the two halves of the hub cannot be combined with 
other designs. The benefit of ROTEX® S-H is that its hub can be assembled and disassembled radially without having to 
disassemble the power packs. Thus, it is highly suitable for mounting in narrow mounting spaces and heavy drive 
trains. At the same time it is assured that the hub or connection of the two halves of the hub is not weakened by the 
(cracking) separation.

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