Product characteristics

• High-performance steel lamina coupling for high-speed and demanding drives
• Compact type C with high power density
• Torques up to 330,000 Nm
• Spacer to be assembled/disassembled radially
• Low-ventilation type
• Variable spacer lengths (DBSE)
• Torsional stiffness optimised for individual applications
• In accordance with API 671
Coupling description
RIGIFLEX®-HP is available as a compact type C with a high power density and type L for larger shaft diameters. 
Thanks to variable lengths, the spacer mounted by the manufacturer allows for an individual adaptation to each of the 
drive trains concerned. Both types are characterized by low ventilation and benefi t from an easy assembly. Apart 
from that they are in accordance with the standards API 671 of the American Petroleum Institute which means that 
they are permissible, among others, for an international application in petro-chemistry.
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API 610 and API 671

The RIGIFLEX®-HP corresponds to the specifications of the API 671 standard. The RIGIFLEX®-HP is designed for the use in high-performance applications in particular. This coupling type is especially used in high-speed drive trains  that need to be customized regarding torsional stiffness and mass distribution to meet the requirements of the whole system. Typical application areas of the RIGIFLEX®-HP are:
Turbo compressors 
High-speed pump drives 
Generator drives 
Turbine drives