Type EF Bearing
Type EF Bearing

RENK Bearing type EF

Bearing Housing
The finned EF-type housings are made from a high-quality cast iron (EN-GJL-300) and are designed for heavy duty performance. Other materials such as, for instance, nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400-15 or cast steel GS 45 can be supplied by special arrangement.
Bearing Shell
The shells are spherically seated in the housing. They consist of a supporting steel body lined with lead based RENKmetal therm 89/V6.
Both design and manufacture are in accordance with the highest standards required in heavy engineering: trouble- free assembly and long life even under severe operating conditions.
EF-type bearings are mostly equipped with shells with plain cylindrical bore and lubricating oil ring. Shells are available either for self-contained operation (E.NL.) or prepared for external oil circulation (E.ZL.). 

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