RADEX®-N Composite

Product characteristics
• For large shaft distance dimensions without additional intermediate bearing
• All steel parts made of stainless material
• CFK pipe glued with flanges and radially bolted in addition
• Spacer sealed against environmental effects
• On demand also available with brake disc made of stainless material
Coupling description
The RADEX®-N is a backlash-free, torsionally rigid and maintenance-free all-steel coupling. The laminae that are 
extremely rigid in sense of rotation are made from high-strength, stainless spring steel and enable a compensation for 
high displacements with low restoring forces. 
By using CFK pipes considerably larger shaft distance dimensions are possible compared to comparable steel pipes. 
The dimensioning of CFK pipes is „custom-made“ to the application and is optimally adjusted to the respective case of 
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