POLY - type PKZ

Product characteristics
For vibration-reducing power transmission
• Axial plug-in, easy assembly
• Maintenance-free
• Not fail safe, torsionally-flexible, soft in bending
• Elastomer: Operative range -30° C to +80° C, short-term up to +120° C 
Coupling description
The POLY coupling is a torsionally flexible, shear shaft coupling for general machinery. It is assembled by axially 
pluging the hubs into each other and has excellent dampening characteristics. Its unique features are the flexible 
elastomeric elements that are located in both coupling halves.
The POLY advantage – A much greater number of flexible elements and thus a larger effective mass of the elastomer to accept vibration and to dissipate the heat caused by torsional vibrations when compared to similar competitive couplings with elements only in one half. 
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