Product Information

• Idle-rotation safety clutch (load-separating)
• High repeating accuracy
• The intelligent further development to the shear pin coupling
and hydraulic overload systems
• Setting range to 60,000 Nm (higher torques on request)
• Torsionally flexible and maintenance-free
• Axial plug-in shaft-to-shaft coupling
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Additional Information

The core of the overload system is formed by the idle rotation elements. In case of overload they uncouple the driving and driven side while protecting the drive train from damages. After eliminating the overload, the idle rotation elements are manually re-engaged so that the drive is released again.
Setting the release torque
In order to set the coupling to the requested release torque, a defined pre-stress is generated on the disk springs in each idle rotation element via the setting nut. The number of elements varies depending on the release torque demanded. If requested, the coupling can be pre-set by the manufacturer. It is also possible to adapt the coupling while in place.
Re-engaging of idle rotation elements
After eliminating the overload driving and driven side are aligned to each other. By means of a plastic hammer or a lever the idle rotation elements are re-engaged manually while the re-engagement can clearly be heard. Now the overload coupling is ready for operation again.