Product characteristics
• Element for universal use   
• Self-centering   
• Without axial fixing   
• Wide range of applications   
• Low-cost solution for average to high torques   
• Easy assembly and disassembly
CLAMPEX® clamping elements are shaft-hub-connections allowing for a backlash-free and non-positive connection between cylindric smooth shafts and hubs without keyway. The clamping elements are clamped via integrated screws which are used for non-destructive untightening of the clamping elements in addition (Here series KTR 150 forms the only exception). Depending on the type the clamping elements are either untightened merely by declamping the screws or additionally pulling off the individual elements of the clamping set from each other.
Among others, CLAMPEX® clamping elements are preferred as an alternative to feather key connections.
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• Material saving by smaller shaft and hub dimensions
• Simplified production processes
• Suitable for modern drive systems
• Easy assembly and disassembly with standard tools
• Ideal for drives with high vibratory loads, e. g. acceleration and braking
• Produce connections that are permanently free from destruction, i. e. no shearing off of keyways, dowel pins, pins, etc.
• Specifically suitable for high-speed drives
• Insensitive to dirt
• Reusable repeatedly
• Overload protection of the machine components by slipping (repeated slipping should be avoided)
• Low stress concentration on the shaft (stress concentration factor on request)
• Corrosion- and acid-resistant surface coating for food-processing industry, marine industry and chemical industry on request
• Simple calculation of the clamping connection